Burglaries are on the rise!

Burglary is on the rise again after years of decline with more than 800,000 crimes recorded last year in the UK and more than half of those took place at people’s homes. Make sure you're not one of these statistics and protect your family with our range of opensource fast-response Smart Home Alarms security kits, which will utilise your existing wired alarm system even if it's no longer operational, we can revive it! You will have the ability to tie in your existing sensors into automated rules and add infinite smart devices to work with your alarm system, including lights, cameras, doorbells, thermostats, door locks, sensors, voice assistants and more.

The ultimate in home and business security systems!


Works with any wired alarm system and expandable with 1000s of smart devices.

Infinitely Expandable

Integrate thousands of smart devices to work with your home security system, including lights, cameras, voice assistants, locks, thermostats and more.

Auto Arm & Disarm

Automatically Arm & Disarm your home security system when you leave or arrive home using Geo-fencing technology.

Monitor Your Home 24/7

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor and control your home security system from anywhere, cost free.

Perimeter Protection

Activate or deactivate specific sensors whilst you are home such as doors, windows, motion and glass break sensors.

Reuse Your Existing Sensors

Save your self the cost of buying new sensors and reuse your existing sensors already wired in your home.

Extended Protection

Extend your home security system to any area of your home by adding additional wired or wireless sensors.

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Integrate and control your home security system and smart devices using the SmartThings opensource platform, where the possibilities are limitless.

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