What is a smart home?

Modern life keeps us on the go, always being busy means we need quick, easy solutions to stay in control of our homes and especially our home security. Smart technology provides that control, it means you can manage everything from making sure you didn’t forget to set the alarm to checking if the kids got home from school okay – all from your mobile device whilst you’re out and about.

One of the most useful features of smart home security to materialise in recent years is the ability to be able to watch over your property when you’re not there. Internal cameras help you stay connected with your home by viewing live video streams or recorded footage. For greater control and peace of mind you can also set up alerts to trigger the camera.

Home automation systems combined with security features make for the perfect smart home. You’ll be able to control devices within your home, whether you’re away on holiday, working late or simply out for the evening. This is really useful for things like remotely switching lights on and off, to give the illusion to any potential intruders that you’re at home.

And it’s not just lighting you can automate, say goodbye to the ‘did I set the alarm’ panic. Smart home alarm systems let you turn it on and off at your convenience. This also means if the children or a neighbour manages to trigger a false alarm it can be quickly and easily rectified.

These are just some of the great aspects to smart home security. This year we’ll be launching our own smart security solution here at Smart Home Alarms. Combined with our expert security knowledge and monitoring experience you’ll be able to effectively control your security and keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.