Increasing home security for elderly parents

Even if your elderly parents are mobile and independent, there’s still the worry they’ll be targeted by burglars simply because of their age. Elderly people are also more likely to worry about being victims of crime, experiencing increasing anxiety as they get older.

In fact, a study by Age Concern found that two thirds of the 4000 people surveyed believed they would inevitably become victims of crime as they got older – while a fifth said this fear had contributed to a sense of loneliness and isolation*. But there are plenty of ways to put their, and your, mind at rest with a few simple security features around the home:

Get motion detectors and smart cameras

Setting up intelligent motion detectors that only detect human movement and smart security cameras lets you and your parents see what’s going on around their home without having to manually check. It means if a stranger comes to the door, you can look on your device before you decide to answer. And if the cameras pick up movement, you’ll both be notified right away.

Change to a gravel drive

Research shows that burglars are less likely to rob properties with gravel drives because of the noise created. It’s an easy, effective way to alert neighbours and residents of someone approaching their home.

Stay in the know

With an Smart Home Alarms hub you can set yourself up as a ‘keyholder’, so as soon as your parents’ alarm is activated you’ll get a push notification and text alert. If any sensor in and around their home is triggered, you’ll get an immediate alert notification to your phone so you can check in and see that all is ok.

Add a keychain

This may seem obvious, but is often overlooked as a simple solution to securing your front door. They’re really easy to install and don’t cost much for the peace of mind they bring.

Make it look like they’re home

Smart Home Alarms lets you set scenarios up to make it look like your parents are home when they’re not. You can set lights to turn on at certain times or even when your alarm is activated, tricking and deterring intruders.