Smart innovations in Home Security

What does ‘Smart tech’ even mean?

‘Smart’ has become a buzzword over the last few years. In short it’s a term to describe the network of objects in your home that can be controlled by devices like your tablet, phone or laptop. And with a whirlwind of new, connected products being developed every day it shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

How are people using Smart tech?

More items than ever are becoming ‘Smart’ making the automated home less of a novelty and more a reality. Manufacturers are constantly developing their products with the technology to make everyday life way more convenient.

The voice controlled Amazon Echo has already delivered a hands-free, voice controlled digital PA to handle all your worries. ‘Alexa’ can do everything from ordering groceries to control your heating and security with just a few words, connecting to smart devices around the home.

There are some great examples of how it’s being used today to make life easier. One being brewers using it to keep their fridges at the optimum temperature at every stage of the fermentation process, or homeowners turning on a light via their smartphone before they’re even through the door.

What does it mean for home security?

Gone are the days when you had your heating or lights turned on and off by a clunky, unreliable timer. Smart tech has made keeping your home safe and secure more convenient than ever before.

Innovative products keep up with the demands of modern life effortlessly. Working late? No problem, there are devices that track your movement via GPS and turn your heating on just before you arrive home. You can even set your kettle to boil just as you pull into your driveway.

It’s also great for easing those niggling worries that hold you back when you’ve left the house. If you can’t remember setting the alarm, simply open the app to double check. Want to grab a drink after work? Turn your lights on via your tablet to make it look like you’re already home and throw off any potential burglars.

With WIFI cameras connected to your computer, you can even check if the kids got home from school ok, if your pets are behaving themselves and of course if there’s an intruder.

Ultimately the Smart objects could trigger a mass decrease in future crime rates, lower our energy bills and make everyday life far less busy. And if voice activated devices are on the rise, automation could even help people to get their heads out of their phones. The possibilities really are endless.

If you want to make the most of Smart Home security and the convenience it brings why not get in touch with the Smart Home Alarms experts today.