Making your home secure for your baby and loved ones

The desire to protect a new baby is one of the most basic impulses humans have. And in the months before your little one is due the urge to ‘nest’ is often overwhelming. Preparing your home for a new arrival can involve everything from decorating their room and choosing new nursery furniture to buying nappies (lots of nappies) and making sure you’ve got enough meals in the freezer to get you through those hectic first few weeks. But aside from the domestic duties, it’s also important to get the right security in place. Here are a few tips from the experts at Smart Home Alarms:

Go smart

We’re sure you’ve got baby monitors on your list, but going that step further can really give the peace of mind a new parent needs. The best modern alarm systems combine security and home automation technology, helping you stay in touch with what’s going on through your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Adding a wireless camera in your baby’s room allows you to see exactly what’s going on, whether you’re downstairs, at work or on a well-earned night out. While motion sensors will instantly alert you if baby is restless or a toddler makes an unscheduled break for freedom.

Check smoke alarms

It’s a sobering fact that you’re four times more likely to die in a house fire where there’s no smoke alarm fitted*. And even harder to swallow when you’re bringing a new baby home. Even if you have smoke detectors they can often be rendered useless by flat batteries or dusty sensors. Be sure to check your batteries and clean them regularly. It’s also great to consider carbon monoxide detectors, which are arguably as important as smoke alarms.

Secure your car

It doesn’t just stop inside your home. British law says that children under 12, or 135cm tall, must have a car or booster seat installed. So be sure to get one with plenty of room to grow into. It’s also a good idea to read up on how to engage the child lock on windows and doors, especially when your baby turns into an adventurous toddler. Also, be sure to remove any dangerous objects like window scrapers or de-icer.

Baby proof

Your baby sees your home as a playground full of exciting places to explore, and new things to try. That’s why making sure your home is secure is essential. Add padding to any sharp edges or corners, cover any electric outlets and tie up any wires. When they do start to crawl and walk be sure you’ve added locks to any cupboards or drawers in their reach and get a baby gate on those stairs.

Up your protection

With a little one on the way, your thoughts will naturally turn to protecting your family as well as your prised possessions. The good news is that a dedicated security package will not only make your home more secure, it’s also the perfect way to watch over your child through their first few months, years and beyond – even when life means you can’t be there in person.

For more information on keeping your loved ones safe and sound talk to one of our security experts today.