Protecting your home during the winter months

When it comes to home security, it’s the winter months that householders should be most wary of. Break-ins in burglary hotspots spike by over a third as the winter nights draw in and the clocks go back*. Not only is darkness a housebreaker’s best friend but one-off events like Halloween & Bonfire night bring scores of people onto the streets, providing extra cover for anyone up to no good.

Thankfully, even though the statistics show burglaries are at the highest in the winter months, there are plenty of ways to prevent yourself from becoming just another statistic. From clever cameras to smart alarms there really is no reason to be afraid of the dark.

Doors and windows

Opportunist burglars will always look at a home’s entrances and exits first. So that’s where you should start too. Burglars hate UPVC windows with strong security so think about changing and adding locks where you need to.

Sound the alarm

Most burglars are looking for the softest target. An alarm is an instant visual deterrent, especially with the added protection and peace of mind that a monitored system brings when you’re out and about.

Cameras in focus

Recent research shows that CCTV cameras are the number one deterrent for housebreakers. Cameras tell anyone looking at your home that you’re serious about security. And with the SmartThings Classic app  you can view everything going on inside and outside your property 24/7.

Let the light in

Just like vampires, burglars hate the light. Motion-sensitive security lights are an excellent deterrent at night, as are lights in your home – especially ones you can control remotely from a smart app.

Pet project

Surprisingly, burglars love seeing signs advertising the presence of dogs and other pets. They know it means most alarms will be switched off when pets are home alone. Pet friendly systems reduce false alarms without compromising your security.

There’s so much to enjoy about winter nights, from pumpkin lattes to rescuing your favourite hat and scarf from the back of the wardrobe. With just a few extra security steps and a little common sense you can make the most of the darker evenings without worrying about what’s going on in the shadows.