Setting & Configuring through the Konnected Mobile App

Connect the Alarm panel & Add-on Panel to WiFi one at a time. We recommend you do this initial setup before mounting and wiring your system.

1. Power on your Alarm panel & Add-on panels one at a time by connecting the power supply.

2. When the Konnected panel is powered on you should see a slow blinking blue LED indicating that it's connecting to your wireless network.

3. Download the Konnected App from either the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, depending on the mobile device you use.

4. Make sure your phone and your modules are on the same network. Then tap on scan it should find all the modules that are on and connected as indicated by a blue checkmark.

If you boards are not discovered or they come up with a yellow triangle you may need to check your router configuration or update your boards firmware to use the Konnected cloud.

5. Tap on the board name (shows up as Konnected-xxxxx). From this step you can see the status of the board.

6. Tap on Konnected Cloud to set up the zones.

7. If you haven't already you will need to signup for a Konnected Cloud account (Note: email & passwords will be case sensitive). Fill in all the field including region. (Europe = Europe and Africa, if you already have one just sign in.

8. Now go through each zone and select the zone type and name the zone by selecting the zone from the drop down list.

9. Common Zone Types are - Door, Window, Motion, Siren, Smoke, Carbon Monixide, Water/Leak, Switch (for relays); Momentary Switches (for beepers or garage doors)

10. After you are finished - tap Sync to Device and the new configuration will be saved to the cloud and synced to the device

 2.4GHz WiFi ONLY – 802.11b/g/n wireless standards.