Security Kits

A good place to start is by looking at your existing alarm system and count the number of zones. Often the keypad from your old system will have a zone listing either handwritten on a label, or programmed into the display. But here are a few tips to find the number of zones you have and the size of kit you need.

  • – Zones can be a single or multiple sensors. Often doors and motions are separated and windows are grouped together
  • – Look at your zone list. A well documented zone list will tell you how many zones you have and what is in them.
  • – Look at your schematic. Often they are found on the door of the panel. Look for Zone# or Z1 or terminal connected by a resistor line (squiggly line). Count those notations. That is the number of zones you have.
  • – Consider if you want to split sensors that are grouped. For both security and automation it is helpful to separate doors and motions. But in most cases grouping windows is helpful.
  • Konnected board come in groups of 6. So if you have 8 zones you will need a 12 zone kit. If you 6 zones consider a 6 zone kit. However if you want the door buzzer that takes a zone on the Konnected board. So you may want to either group a sensor or get a 12 zone kit.

We offer two types of kits – CONVERSION & INTERFACE.

  • The Conversion kit replaces your existing wired alarm system and re-uses your existing wired sensors including your external siren, this kit is perfect if you no longer have a working alarm system or no system at all.
  • The Interface kit, is designed to run in-parallel with your working alarm system, leaving your current system intact, whilst giving your the ability to monitor your sensors locally or remotely via various home automation platforms or Konnected Cloud.

Select the appropriate kit for how many zones you have in your property. If you have 6 zones or less, you can purchase the 6 zone conversion or interface kits from our shop page, if you have 7 or more zone choose the 12 zone kit and so on.

Please bare in mind the kits contain the alarm panel, add-on panel(s) and the required peripherals for the kit you purchased ONLY, they do not come with any smart home automation hubs, these are sold separately. The hubs are only required if you want to integrate smart home devices to work with your alarm system, if you don’t you can use Konnected Cloud (free service) this service which will integrate your alarm to work with Samsung SmartThings and utilise their free SmartThings application, available on Android or IOS.

The CONVERSION kit’s are designed to replace your current alarm panel, if it’s no longer functional or if you don’t have alarm panel but you have wired sensors e.g. PIR’s, contact, glass break etc. If you have a none working alarm system you need to remove your existing alarm panels motherboard, AC-DC transformer, lead acid battery from your alarm enclosure and install the Konnected alarm panel(s) in place and simply wire the sensors to the Konnected panel(s) including your external siren as it has a dedicated output for this. Your existing keypad’s will no longer be required and can be replaced with a wall mounted tablet, if you should choose to do so. The tablet will sit in place of your keypad and utilise the existing wiring for power, so it will be powered directly from the Konnected panel. Arming and disarming remotely including alarm monitoring and alert states work right out of the box with the CONVERSION kit.

The INTERFACE kit’s are designed to run in parallel with your current working alarm system. The Konnected panel/interface module(s) sit within your current alarm enclosure and each sensor is bridged from your existing alarm panel to the interface module(s), you simply then tune the resistance of each of your sensors using the potentiometers which are built-in to the interface module(s).

Your existing keypad’s also remain fully functional, so you can still arm and disarm manually.

In order to arm and disarm remotely, you current wired alarm system will need to have a spare zone which can be programmed as a key switch, the provided relay module within the kit connects directly to this spare zone (check your alarm system manual for more information).

If you want to view your alarm states e.g. whether your alarm system is armed, disarm or has been triggered, your current alarm panel will need to support programmable outputs e.g. PGM1, PGM2 (look for these on your existing alarm panel). Each programmable output will need to be programmed via your alarms keypad by entering engineering mode. Each programmable output (PGM1 & PGM 2) will take up a zone on the Konnected panel and will need to be setup as a NO (normally open) switch, when either programmable output is triggered it will show as NC (normally closed) and will show a change of state within your chosen home automation platforms application, letting you know if you system is armed or disarmed or if it’s been triggered.

The Konnected V2 uses the ESP8266 microprocessor and supports WIFI only, each panel supports 6 zones. It can completely replace an existing alarm system. Or with Interface expansion can connect to a legacy system, it also has built-in lightning protection. It has 1x built-in siren connections for most 12 V alarm system sirens upto 2A or 24W. The panel(s) need to be powered via 12V 2A DC 3 pin mains adapter, battery backup or switch mode PSU.

The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro uses the newer ESP32 microprocessor and supports wired ethernet and WIFI, each panel supports 12 zones. It can completely replace an existing alarm system. Or with Interface expansion can connect to a legacy system, it also has built-in lightning protection. It has 2x built-in siren connections for most 12 V alarm system sirens upto 2A or 24W. The panel(s) support POE (Power over Ethernet) so can be powered using a POE or POE+ network switch, it also supports powering via 12V 2A DC 3 pin mains adapter, battery backup or switch mode PSU.

Depending on the kit you order, you will receive the following:


  1. Konnected panel(s) depending on the size of your kit
  2. INTERFACE Modules (if you purchased the interface kit)
  3. Piezo buzzer (conversion kit only)
  4. 12V DC power adapter (conversion kit only)
  5. Power splitter cable (for 12-zone kits and larger)
  6. Male – Female jumper wires (interface kit only)
  7. Relay module (interface kit only)
  8. DC Pigtail connector (interface kit only)

We provide email support for installation (additional cost). You provide us with the make and model of your current alarm system and we will explain exactly how to wire the new system.

you can follow these video installation guides and refer to the Help & Support section of our website –

If you feel uncomfortable with installation please get in contact with us and we will provide you a price for our team of engineers to do the install. Please bare in mind this is dependent on location.


You will require a switch mode PSU if you have 240V mains cable running into your alarm enclosure and you don’t have a plug socket near by to power the Konnected alarm panel(s).

The PSU will re-use the 240v mains cable which will be connected to the AC-DC transformer within your enclosure. The output of the PSU is 12V 2A, same as the 3 pin DC adapters provided in the kit. The PSU will come with a DC pigtail connector which will need to be connected directly to the V+ and V- terminals of the PSU, the DC connector then connects directly to the battery backup (if you purchased one) then to the Konnected panel(s). If you don’t have a battery backup the DC connector will go directly to the Konnected panel(s).

Click here to purchase the switch mode PSU.

Click here to purchase Battery Backup.


You can purchase battery backup from our shop page this will keep your alarm system fully functional during power outages, with over 12 hours run time. These battery backup’s can also be used for your ISP provided smart WiFi routers, so your internet connection and wireless network continues working during the outage.

Yes, you can use an old or spare tablet running either IOS , Android or Fire OS. You will need to sign up for an account with Action Tiles or Sharptools and download Kiosk Browser software such as Fully Kiosk Browser which is available for Android and Fire OS. Action Tiles and Sharptools currently support SmartThings and Hubitat, so you can import all of your devices from either platform via API. The devices will then appear within Action Tiles or Sharptools and ready to be viewed using Kiosk Browser etc.

The tablet will also utilise your old keypad wires to power the device directly from the Konnected board, but will require a step down buck converter to drop the voltage from 12V to 5V, these can be purchased here.

The tablet will let you control your alarm system and control all of your smart devices all under one application.

If you don’t have a tablet or don’t want to do the configuration, get in touch and we will give you a price for a fully configured tablet.

Click here for a video installation of the tablet.

Konnected was originally installed for SmartThings through setting up Smartapps and Device Handlers in the SmartThings Groovy IDE. However with the grandfathering of the ST Classic app and the official integration of Konnected with SmartThings, they’ve implemented Konnected Cloud.

Konnected Cloud is now also available in the UK & Europe, and is free of charge.

Home automation hubs are now only required if you want to include any smart devices to work with your Konnected alarm system e.g. Smart Lighting, Smart Thermostat’s, Voice Assistants, Smart Plugs etc. They are no longer required if you only want to control and monitor your alarm system.

Download and install the Konnected app for your mobile device, from either the Apple app store or Google Play Store, depending on your device type – Apple (IOS), Samsung (Android).

Launch the application on your mobile deivce and sign in or create an account on Konnected Cloud in the app. Then on the Konnected Cloud screen, change your Region to Europe. Then you can follow the steps here to connect to SmartThings via the cloud.


If your internal sounder is just a dumb speaker with no sound driver then it can’t be used. You will require a Piezo Soundbomb and single channel 5v or 12v relay module, these can be purchased here. The 5v relay module will be powered directly from a Konnected V2 add-on panels +5v pinout, or a Konnected Alarm Panel Pro +5V pinout. If you only have the Konnected V2 alarm panel you will require the 12v relay module, the relay will be powered directly from the alarm panels 12V output. You will also require a spare zone to trigger the relay and activate the Piezo Soundbomb.


Yes, you can re-use your external siren, the siren will connect directly to the Konnected V2 Alarm Panel or Konnected Alarm Panel Pro dedicated 12V 2A (24w) output. The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro has 2x dedicated outputs so you can connect two external sirens, perfect if you have a siren at the front and rear of your property.


Yes, you can add as many wireless sensors (Z-Wave Plus & Zigbee) as you like to work with the alarm system, but you will require a home automation hub to do this, such as SmartThings, Hubitat etc.

The sensors will connect directly to the hubs built-in Z-Wave & Zigbee radios and work together with the Konnected panel(s).

Yes, you can integrate thousands of smart devices to work with you alarm system, such as Philips Hue lighting system, Nest Thermostats, Ring Doorbell, voice assistants etc. There is no limitation to what you can add. You will require a home automation hub to do this.

This is dependant on which home automation platform you have, for example if you are using Konnected Cloud or have Samsung SmartThings the application used on your mobile device is SmartThings, within SmartThings there is a smart app called Smart Home Monitor from within this app you can configure and control your alarm system.

If you are using Hubitat, you can use the built-in dashboard to control your alarm system via the Hubitat app on your mobile device or sign up to Sharptools and create your own dashboard which can be displayed using your phone or tablets web browser. The smart app used within Hubitat is Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) from within this app you can configure and control your alarm system.

Yes, you can omit any zones you like. This is dependent on what home automation platform you are using to control your alarm system e.g. Smart Home Monitor (SmartThings) or Hubitat Safety Monitor (Hubitat).

This is dependant on which home automation platform you have, for example you can create unlimited recipes from within the SmartThings application, similar to IFTTT. For example, when the alarm is triggered turn on all lights and sound the external and internal siren, turn on all internal cameras and start recording.

If you are using Hubitat you can use Rule Machine to create your recipes, which is far more customisational than SmartThings.

Another example, when I or family member arrives home disable the alarm and set heating to 20 degrees and turn on living room light and my television.

Another example, When I  or family leaves home, enable my alarm and turn off all lights, set heating to 10 degrees and turn off my television.

Everything is customisable to your liking.

This is dependant on which home automation platform you use.

Geofencing is a location-based service in which the SmartThings app uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.

The example below is for Samsung SmartThings.

SmartThings uses your smartphone as a presence sensors and triggers the alarm system to arm and disarm automatically. You are not limited to using smartphones you can also use wireless presence sensors that clip onto your keys or backpack. Perfect for your kids when they leave or arrive home from school.

Yes, you can control you garage doors using the alarm system, this will utilise one or two zones on your Konnected alarm add-on panel (depending on how many garage doors you have and if you want it to act as one or two doors).

Yes, your garage doors and open and close automatically, it’s all dependent on what home automation platform you’ve chosen and the recipe you have created within that platform.

This example below is for Samsung SmartThings.

When I arrive home (Geo-fencing) open my garage doors, after 5 minutes close the garage doors. Same things for when you leave home, all garage doors will close automatically once you’ve left the Geo-fence perimeter.

Yes, you can integrate the sprinkler system to work with the alarm system, it will utilise a zone from the Konnected alarm add-on panel. You can then simply create a recipe from within the smart home automation platform you’ve chosen and set the sprinkler to turn on and off at a specific time or mode etc.

Yes, you can invite members of you family to your home (this is done from the home automation platform you are using), they will have full control over your alarm system and smart devices. You can also add their smartphone as a presence sensor, so it works with automatic arming and disarming using Geo-fencing.

Yes, Konnected is compatible with not only SmartThings but Home Assistant, OpenHab and Hubitat, please get in touch for more information.

How this effects you is all dependant on which home automation platform you have chosen to use.

If you have chosen to use Konnected Cloud / SmartThings, this requires internet access, so if your internet should go down, you would require a 4G / 5G backup to keep have access to your alarm system, but this rarely happens, most ISP’s have 99% uptime!

If you have Chosen OpenHab, Hubitat, Home Assistant, these platforms run locally and do not require internet access in order to function.

Konnected is NOT a regulated or certified alarm system, so it will NOT be covered under any Home or Business insurance.

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