Linking to the SmartThings Framework

In this step, you will link your Konnected Cloud account to your SmartThings account. This will sync all current and future Konnected Cloud registered devices to SmartThings.

1. Open and Sign in to the SmartThings phone app

2. Tap on the + sign in the upper right hand corner

3. Tap on Device

4. Type in Konnected or scroll down till you find their Name and Logo

5. Tap Other

6. Tap Konnected

7. Select the correct location and room (these can be changed later)

8. Sign in to your Konnected Cloud account using the same email and password you used in the Konnected mobile app (if you haven't already)

9. Once it authorises and imports it will require you to tap Done

10. On the Konnected board - tap the small black button label 'Reset' on each board. Give your boards 30 seconds to reboot.

11. All of your Konnected Cloud registered sensors and devices will now appear in SmartThings under Devices. They're now ready to be used in SmartThings Home Monitor and in other automations.