12 Zone Security Kit

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  1. Alarm panel(s) depending on the size of your kit
  2. WiFi module(s) for each  Alarm Panel
  3. Piezo buzzer (2 buzzers included in 24-Zone kit)
  4. 12V DC power adapter (with appropriate plug type for your country)
  5. Power splitter cable (for 12-zone kits and larger)


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The Konnected Alarm Panel replaces your old security system panel, connecting your existing wired alarm system to a compatible home automation hub: Samsung SmartThingsHome AssistantHubitat and OpenHAB. This lets you to monitor your home from anywhere without monthly fees! And you can use your wired door, window, and motion sensors for home automation, like turning on lights when motion is detected or announcing when a door is open with a voice assistant.


3 reviews for 12 Zone Security Kit

  1. Ken Philips

    My alarm system has been out of action for over 6 months and the increase in burglaries in my area has increased ten fold so I looked on the internet for a new system, the alarm systems I felt most suitable cost over £1000.00 then one of my friend told me about Smart Home Alarms he had just had one of their system installed and said it was incredible, so I contacted them and they installed the 12 zone system in my house with every conceivable extra at half the costs of the other systems at half of the other quotes I had from other companies.
    I travel away a lot on business and now I can monitor everything in my house set the alarm from my mobile phone, you can incorporate your lights, heating, cameras, garage door, the system is amazing and I would recommend Smart Home Alarms to anyone looking for home protection.

  2. John Martin

    Great service from Smart Home Alarms, I was advised to purchase a 12 zone kit after my site survey, I had 10 zones in my property, 6x PIR sensors and 4x door sensors. My alarm system was old and was no longer working so they revived it and made it into a smart alarm. The system was fully installed by Smart Home Alarms. I was even given the option to install it myself, but I chose not to since I’ve never dabbled with alarm systems before. I have had this installed over two months now and it works flawlessly, and I love how you can tie in all of your other compatible smart devices to work with the alarm system. I am really happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend this company.

  3. Paul Hill

    My system was 25 years old but still in good working order. However, I had not armed it in years because I really wanted something that alerted me if a sensor was triggered and that I could then control remotely, rather than the siren just annoying the neighbours. The kit provided by Smart Home Alarms did all this and more.

    My old system comprised six wired PIR room sensors and two wired door sensors. So Smart Home Alarms suggested a 12 zone kit. Before I placed my order I asked if their kit could also be used to remotely control my two powered garage doors, to which they replied ‘no problem’, so they supplied me a kit that included a relay to allow this.

    I installed myself, which turned out to be pretty stress free thanks to the great support provided by Smart Home Alarms. Almost all the communications took place by email and they mostly responded to my queries within hours. I now have an alarm system and garage doors controlled via my smartphone and would highly recommend this company on price, product, service and support.

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