Hubitat Elevation


-Hubitat Elevation Hub 

-EU (UK) Z-Wave frequency

-Ethernet cable 

-3- pin UK power supply 

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Hubitat Elevation is a home automation hub that works completely locally. All automation scripts are executed directly in the hub and stay there without the need for any cloud services.

The idea behind Hubitat Elevation is that all your data (devices and automation) should not be processed anywhere in the cloud making you dependent on the internet and a server run in a cloud by a company that may change its policy overnight and make you either pay for their services or shut them down.

Local processing also means instant communication with attached devices so when you want the light to come on it comes on right at the moment you (or automation) choose.

The hub communicates in Z-Wave plus, ZigBee and LAN protocols making it compatible with lots of devices from different brands like:

-Philips Hue

  • -Osram Lightify
  • -Ikea Tradfri
  • -SmartThings
  • -Neo Coolcam
  • -Aeotec
  • -Fibaro
  • -Qubino
  • -Xiaomi
  • -TP-Link
  • -Blebox
  • -Shelly 1, Shelly 2, Shelly 1PM and Shelly 
  • -Sonoff

Hubitat is compatible with services such as:

  • -Amazon Echo
  • -Google Home
  • -Sonos
  • -SharpTools – a great way to see your things on your mobile device – have a look at sharptools
  • -Yeelight (Xiaomi wi-fi light bulbs)
  • -IFTTT

The other great idea is that the community may develop its own scripts to run any device they want to use. You only get it in one Hubitat’s rival (popular in the UK) but it does not offer 100% local processing.

Out of the box you get many apps built into Hubitat.

A few examples are:

  • -Hubitat Mobile – a recent app with geofencing, push notifications and your dashboards
  • -Dashboards – to see the state and control your devices on a desktop or your mobile
  • -Hue Bridge integration (but you can still control hue lights directly if you want)
  • -HSM – Hubitat Security Monitor to guard your home and/or office
  • -Thermostats scheduler
  • -Notifier – to let you know of whatever happens to connected devices (low battery, high power usage etc)
  • -Rule Machine 4.0  – to create unmatched automation (easy for beginners) whatever you can imagine using global and local variables, timers and nested IF-THEN-ELSE
  • -Maker API with endpoints linking to every device connected to the hub both local and cloud
  • -MQTT client

The package consists of:

  1. Hubitat Elevation Hub C-5 EU version
  2. EU (UK) Z-Wave frequency (868.42 MHz) USB stick – Z-Wave plus (ZigBee built in)
  3. Ethernet cable (to connect to the router)
  4. 3- pin UK or 2-pin EU power supply – it’s a USB  1 Amp charger with USB socket. You can use any USB  1 Amp  (eg. mobile) charger suitable for your country. It only needs to have a USB socket
  5. USB OTA cable for power supply and Z-Wave stick
  6. USB extension cable
  7. Quick start guide

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