Internal Piezo Soundbomb with Relay Module



  •  12VDC Powered
  • 110 – 112dB sound output
  • 15cm flying lead
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These 12v Piezo Soundbombs are for any of the Konnected CONVERSION kits. The Piezo bomb will replace your alarm enclosures internal dumb speaker as it was driven by your old alarm panels onboard alarm tone generator and is now obsolete. The Piezo Soundbomb will connect directly to the provided relay module, it will be powered & triggered by your Konnected panel.


If you have the Konnected V2 alarm panel only (6 zone CONVERSION kit) you will require a 12v relay module. If you have the Konnected v2 add-on panel (12 zone CONVERSION kit) or Alarm Panel Pro you will require a 5v relay module.

We have two available Soundbombs – Twin Piezo and Quad Piezo. Calculate how much spare room you have left in your enclosure after you’ve installed your Konnected kit and choose the appropriate option.

Warning these are very loud!



Twin Piezo Features

– Input: 12V DC
– Twin Piezo elements
– 110dB sound output
– 85mA current consumption
– ABS enclosure in white
– 15cm flying lead ( Black & Red)
– Weight: 75g
– Dimensions: 55 x 85 x 32 mm

Quad Piezo Features

– Input 12V DC
– Quad Piezo elements
– 112dB sound output
– 125mA current consumption
– ABS enclosure in white
– 15cm flying lead ( Black & Red)
– Weight: 150g
– Dimensions: 106 x 106 x 33 mm

Package Contents


– Internal Piezo Soundbomb
– Single Channel Relay Module
– Adhesive mounting standoffs
– Wiring Accessories


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