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Is your wired alarm no longer working or needs replacing? Look no further the Konnected V2 CONVERSION kit replaces your existing wired alarm panel and re-uses your wired sensors. Monitor your home using SmartThings / Konnected Cloud, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat, including remote arming and disarming!

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Konnected is the solution you’ve been looking for to upgrade or upcycle any brand of wired security system. The Konnected Alarm Panel is an easy DIY solution to retrofit any wired alarm system to work with leading consumer smart home platforms, allowing you to monitor and control your home from anywhere without monthly fees!

Automate and interact with thousands of smart home products and apps using SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat or OpenHab.

The Konnected Alarm Panel syncs wired sensors to a smart home platform so they can also be used for automation,
like turning on lights when motion is detected or announcing when a door is open with a voice assistant. Now your wired alarm sensors can be part of your home automation routines.

Infinitely Expandable

Most traditional alarm systems are limited to 8 or 12 zones, forcing installers to group multiple sensors together into a zone. Konnected is infinitely expandable, allowing your customer to have granular visibility into each and every door, window, motion, and other sensor in your home. Each 6-zone module operates independently, and the system can be expanded easily at any time by simply adding more modules.

These starter kits include everything you need to revive your wired alarm system with up to 24 wired zones or sensors.


Breathe new life into all the sensors already wired in your home and make them visible and actionable in your Smart Home app.

– Door and Window Sensors
– Wired PIR Motion Sensors
– Wired Glass-Break Detectors
– Water leak detectors
– Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
– Alarm Siren and Strobe Light

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A FIRE OR LIFE SAFETY DEVICE. Use with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is for informational purposes only. Do not rely on Konnected alone to notify you in a life threatening emergency!


Our most popular option retrofits and replaces the old wired alarm system and connects directly to the sensors and siren wired in your home.

Choose the Conversion Kit if you:

– Want to use all wired sensors for monitoring and home automation
– Want to go completely app-based for home monitoring and security
– Can’t or don’t want to use the original alarm system anymore
– Want to replace the original keypads with touch-screen tablets
– Home is pre-wired but no alarm system installed yet
– Want the simplest and cleanest installation



– ESP8266 Microcontroller
– WiFi connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
– Input Power: 12VDC 2.5A
– No hub required (use SmartThings with just the app!)
– No ongoing cost or subscription required!
– USB port for customising firmware and/or advanced debugging
– Weight: 402g
– Dimensions: 64 x 24 x 2 mm



What do you need to use Konnected?


Choose a Smart Home Platform

Konnected integrates with a smart home platform so that you can monitor and control your smart home in one place — we don’t have a standalone app (the Konnected app is used for setup/provisioning only)! To use Konnected, select one of our supported platforms that will be your day-to-day interface for the Konnected system.

Konnected now integrates with four different smart home platforms.

Samsung SmartThings
No hub needed! SmartThings is a FREE service by Samsung and their iOS and Android app works worldwide and has an easy-to-use home monitoring function called SmartThings Home Monitor. Konnected integrates with SmartThings via the Konnected Cloud service.
SmartThings is our most popular integration platform, and is generally the simplest for those new to home automation.
As your smart home grows, you can add a hub later if you want to add Z-wave or Zigbee wireless devices. The Samsung SmartThings hub (3rd generation) retails for about £99.
For the ultimate in flexibility, security, and privacy, the open-source Home Assistant platform is a home automation hub that you run yourself on a Raspberry Pi, spare computer, or many other ways.
Konnected talks to Home Assistant over your local LAN, eliminating any cloud service or internet dependency.

Home Assistant is our choice for hands-on techies who want full control. The platform also has a free companion app for iOS and Android.

is an open source home automation hub that can be run on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ or many other ways.
is a start-up home automation hub product and platform with an emphasis on local processing. The Hubitat Elevation hub comes with built-in Z-wave/Zigbee radios and is available here.

Reliable WiFi

Konnected uses your home WiFi network (2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n only) to communicate with your smart home automation platform, whether that be SmartThings (Konnected Cloud), Hubitat, Home Assistant or Open Hab.

Wired Alarm System Sensors

The Konnected Alarm Panel replaces your old wired alarm system motherboard (if you have one). Check to make sure that your system is wired, you should see a bunch of wires coming out of the wall in your alarm panel cabinet, one for each sensor in your home. Konnected replaces almost all wired alarm systems regardless of the manufacturer or brand!

These are examples of old wired alarm system panels that you’ll be replacing with the Konnected Alarm Panel. Look for it in the porch, living room, or garage.

Pre-wired but no alarm system installed? That’s ok!

If your home is pre-wired for an alarm system but no panel was installed yet, you may see a big bundle of wires sticking out of a wall. This is ok! Konnected connects directly to the wired sensors, so you do not need an existing panel.

Package Contents


– 12V Power Adapter
– Piezo Buzzer (2 included in the 24 zone kit)
– Power Splitter (12 zone kits and larger)
– Jumper Wires
– Self Adhesive Stand-offs




Installation Guide

Video Tutorial


Device Firmware & Software


  1. Eric Matthews

    My Alarm system had not been used in years, it never got used due to family members forgetting to arm it before they left home and the wife even forgot the pin code for it! I contacted Smart Home Alarms after watching the video on their website, I was instantly sold on the idea of arming and disarming automatically without any user interaction, with the added benefit of monitoring my home from anywhere without any monthly fees. I’ve had the system installed for over 3 months now without any issues, it does exactly what i wanted it to. Overall I had a great experience with this company and I have recommended them to my family and friends.

  2. Nathan Jones

    I was advised to go with t he 6 zone kit after my site survey, since I have 3x PIR sensors and 2x Door sensors. My alarm system was fully functional but was old and didn’t have any smart functionality. Smart Home Alarms integrated / bridged my current system into a smart alarm. I now have the ability to view all of my sensors remotely and check if any are triggered, I can also arm and disarm my alarm remotely, which is fantastic, exactly what I wanted. All of this without even replacing my alarm system! what a fantastic product and service. I didn’t even know this technology existed, every other security company I contacted said they would have to replace the entire system if I wanted smart functionality and use wireless sensors but not Smart Home Alarms! Smart functionality whilst using my existing alarm system and at a great price too.

  3. Tom Hallam

    I am a bit of a smart home boffin, and I was really intrigued by this system and it’s functionality, so I took the plunge and purchased the 6 zone kit. The kit itself was installed by Smart Home Alarms, since i’m no alarms expert. When it comes to smart devices, this is my domain. After installation I easily integrated my Philips Hue lighting system to work with the wired motion sensors. I also integrated my Nest thermostat, cameras and smoke detectors. I setup various routines to trigger my lighting and thermostat to set the temperature when I leave or arrive home, including the brightness of my lights and colour temperature etc. I integrated the lights and cameras to work with the alarm system, so when the alarm is triggered the lights turn red and the internal cameras start recording the intruder. The home hub itself is capable of controlling Z-Wave and Zigbee devices too, I have a couple of Z-wave Smart plugs to trigger the TV and my computer to turn on and off at set times or when I leave or arrive home. I have recently purchased a Z-Wave wireless motion sensor and expanded the alarm system into my conservatory, it’s amazing how expandable this system really is. overall I am very pleased with my purchase and the fact this alarm system is expandable with thousands of smart devices makes a big difference for me, as i’m constantly adding more and more smart devices to my home.

  4. Arthur Shaw

    I purchased the 6 zone kit after contacting Smart Home Alarms, they offered a site survey and installation but I turned it down since i’m a retired alarms installer and I already knew how many zones I have and how to install alarm systems. The kit arrived next day delivery and contained all the relevant hardware and instructions on how to set this up myself. I bought the kit to replace my entire alarm system not the kit to bridge my system to a smart alarm, all these options were given to me during my telephone conversation with their sales team, they clearly explained the differences between the kits and how they work. After 45 minutes I had the kit installed and full functional. I found the prices very reasonable considering I installed this myself. I frequently go away on holiday and this system gives me peace of mind knowing I have full control over my alarm system anywhere I go, without any recurring costs!

  5. Joe McNeill (verified owner)

    I reached out to Smart Home Alarms after my old scantronic started going off randomly in the early hours of the morning. I explained what happened and checked with Ralph to see what hardware I needed and was told it was the conversion kit. I went for the conversion kit and the switch mode PSU.

    Wow, what a piece of kit this is. It replaced my 7-year-old defunct scantronic alarm and added smart features with endless capabilities, highly recommended and you will not be disappointed! I required help to get this working and I cannot thank Ralph enough for his endless support. He was instant in his replies via email telling me what wires needed to go where and to check for end of line resistors etc. Once the wiring was confirmed to be correct, he helped me ensure that I had added the motion sensors and external bell via the konnected app, synced and that everything was configured via SmartThings.

    Once you get this up you can do all sorts with it. If my alarm is activated by motion when armed, the downstairs lights turn on as well as my external security lights. The external siren will also activate. I opted not to connect an internal siren.

    Again, I highly recommend this product. I was quoted £450 from my original installer for a smart alarm. I’m glad I reached out to Ralph and Smart Home Alarms.

    Don’t thing about it, buy it, you won’t regret it and you’ll certainly get the support you need.

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