Introducing the new Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE module Tap into any wired alarm system to monitor your zones in SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat without affecting the operation of your traditional wired security system.

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Connect any traditional wired alarm system to your home automation in parallel. This modular accessory works with the Konnected Alarm add-on panel 2 or Konnected Alarm Panel Pro.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE module enables any brand of wired alarm system to integrate with popular home automation platforms in parallel. This modular accessory works with the Konnected Alarm add-on Panel 2 or Konnected Alarm Panel Pro (will not work without being paired with a panel) to enable it to tap in to the wired zones on the traditional security panel, making them available for automation and monitoring in any of Konnected’s supported smart home platforms. This enables you to keep the traditional alarm system functioning normally while adding smart home integration.

Make An Old Wired Alarm Smart

The Konnected Alarm Panel syncs wired sensors to a smart home platform so they can also be used for automation,
like turning on lights when motion is detected or announcing when a door is open with a voice assistant. Now your wired alarm sensors can be part of your home automation routines.

Enhance any Brand of Wired Alarm

When combined with a relay module and programmable outputs, the Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE makes any old wired alarm system smart by enabling remote self-monitoring and control via a smart home platform. Now you can remotely arm/disarm your traditional wired alarm system, automate arming/disarming, and get notifications directly to your smart phone when the alarm is triggered. All this without any monthly fees!


    • Keep Your Keypads
      • Won’t interfere with the operation of arming/disarming and programming via your existing keypads.


    • Works Side-by-Side
      • The traditional security system continues to work as usual with the added benefit of monitoring all wired sensors in home automation.


    • Automate Arming & Disarming
      • Arm and disarm a wired alarm system remotely or automatically by combining with a relay module and key-switch on the traditional panel.


    • Monitor With Your Smartphone
      • A programmable output on the traditional alarm panel can tell your smart home platform when the alarm is triggered.

Works with smart home platforms that you already love!

Konnected is not a standalone app. Use a compatible smart home platform to set up and use your smart alarm.

Compatible Smart Home Platforms

  • – SmartThings
  • – Home Assistant
  • – Hubitat
  • – openHAB
  • – Google Home* – *Works with Google Home via your supported hub
  • – Apple Homekit* – *Works with Apple HomeKit via your supported hub
  • – MQTT
  • – Mozilla IoT
  • – Amazon Alexa* – *Works with Amazon Alexa via your supported hub

Package Includes

  1. – Konnected Add-on panel(s) depending on the size of your kit.
  2. – Konnected INTERFACE panel(s) depending on the size of your kit.
  3. – DC Pigtail connector
  4. – Power splitter cable (for 12-zone kits and larger)
  5. – Adhesive mounting standoffs

Please make sure you read our FAQs and view the support section of our website before purchasing. Contact us via E-mail or telephone if you are unsure of what kit you require.

Additional information

Interface Kits

6 Zone, 12 Zone, 18 Zone, 24 Zone


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