Samsung SmartThings Hub V3


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At the heart of your smart home, the SmartThings Hub V3 brings it all together.

Get house smart with SmartThings

SmartThings offers a complete smart ecosystem to make your home fully connected with the latest technology. Controlled by your smartphone or tablet (Android and Apple iOS are compatible) and a Hub, the SmartThings system lets you control security, comfort, lighting and other tech at the swipe of a screen. SmartThings offer a range of sensors including multi-purpose, motion and water leak sensors. There’s also a huge range of devices that work with the SmartThings system.

Works with SmartThings
SmartThings is compatible with a huge range of other brands. These include Hue and Osram lighting, Yale security, Bose audio, Honeywell and Danfoss heating, Samsung washing machines and other brands such as Lifx, Ring and Arlo. For voice operation, SmartThings can also be operated via Amazon Alexa and Google Home Voice Assistant.

Hub V3 – the heart of your SmartThings home
The SmartThings Hub V3 is at the centre of it all. The brains behind the smart, the Hub V3 is the wireless interface between your smartphone and smart devices. Simply connect to your home network, download the SmartThings app and you’re in control.

Build your smart home from a reliable and versatile base, with the SmartThings Hub V3.



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